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Regia Autonoma Tehnologii pentru Energia Nucleara (Romania)

Regia Autonoma Tehnologii pentru Energia Nucleara (RATEN) is a strategic Romanian Legal Entity coordinating the R&D activity in the nuclear energy field, which maintains and develop the scientific and technologic support for the National Nuclear Energy Program.

The Institute for Nuclear Research, RATEN subsidiary, is a complex R&D centre with over 40 years of activity in the nuclear energy field, deeply involved in the management and execution of the R&D National Nuclear Power Program. The main activities cover a large spectrum of nuclear energy: nuclear safety, designing, manufacturing and testing of nuclear fuels, ageing mechanisms of structural materials, irradiation technologies and radioisotopes production in the TRIGA 14MW research reactor, fuel and material irradiation tests, instrumentation and control, environmental protection, and radioactive waste management. The Institute owns a large experimental infrastructure, in front with the TRIGA reactors (the 14 MW steady-state core, and the ACPR pulsed core) and the hot cell facilities.

The Institute is actively participating to the European nuclear R&D, through memberships and participation in SNE-TP, NUGENIA and ESNII.

Contact persons

Csaba Roth

Radu Vasile

Mihaela Roxana Roman

Octavian Uta

Ion Man

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