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University of Pisa (Italy)

The University of Pisa is a prestigious modern centre of teaching and advanced research. It has an excellent international reputation in all areas and especially in engineering applied sciences. It leads important international research and education networks, and incorporates their findings into its programs. The University of Pisa is committed to promoting quality in all areas of research and teaching. In particular, the DICI (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Industriale) is a department of University of Pisa in which different research areas of Industrial Engineering, as Nuclear, Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace and Civil, are recently merged together. DICI is a research structure with more than 100 academic and research staff members and about 60 technical-administrative staff members.

Since its institution, the Department has been characterized by a strong orientation of the activities towards collaborations with Italian and European Industries in applicative research projects with wide scientific and technological significance. The main research activities regard safety analysis in nuclear and conventional fields, activities related to peaceful applications of nuclear energy, with main emphasis on plant design and safety, radiation measurements and reactor physics, management of risk and emergency in industrial plants, characterization and machining of conventional and innovative materials, design of machines and two- and four-wheel vehicles, and related studies on strength, reliability, lubrication, robotics and automation in industrial processes, and all the research activities concerning chemical, aerospace and civil engineering. Among the most important collaborations, the following companies can be mentioned: the Italian University Ministry (MIUR), the European Union, ANPA, ENEA, ENEL, FIAT, FIAT-AVIO, PIAGGIO, NUOVO PIGNONE, BREDA, ANSALDO, AGIP, etc..

Contact persons

Nicola Forgione

Walter Ambrosini

Andrea Pucciarelli

Francesco Galleni

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