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Submitted deliverables

18 November '21

D1.2 FP and Am behaviour with reference AMSEL system

D1.3 FP and Am behaviour with reference AMSEL system at Am nominal concentrations

D2.1 Flowsheets for validation on reference AMSEL system

D2.2 Identification of critical points

D3.1 Hydrolysis conditions in conversion processes based on internal gelation

D4.1 MARINE gas puncturing and swelling behaviour of (U, Am)02

D4.3 Measurements and atomic scale calculations in U-Pu-Am-Np-O systems

D5.2 Description of new meso-scale models and their implementation in fuel performance codes

D5.4 Towards multi-physics description of fuel behaviour for accidental conditions

D7.1 Design and fabrication of the 7-pin heated bundle and integration into 15-15Ti cladding tubes

D7.3 Materials selection and conditions

D8.1 Report on PIE results

D10.1 Accelerator reliability studies with emphasis on the fault tolerance capabilities

D11.4 Report on the forced to natural circulation transition experiments in E-SCAPE

D11.6 SAS and DES Simulations of the Backwards Facing Step

D11.7 Report on the comparison of the explicit AHFM with available test cases and on the implementation of the implicit AHFM in OpenFOAM

D11.8 Report on implementation and calibration of wall functions in AHFM

D12.1 Pre-test and post-test numerical analysis of coolant chemistry behaviour in the non-isothermal LBE loop MEXICO

D13.1 Project quality plan including measures of success

D14.1 Project presentation

D14.2 Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication Action Plan

D14.4 Data Management and Quality Plan


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